Dreams of the Future, Ellis Island 30x42
acrylic on paper

Buildings hold the stories, memories, dreams and realities of past occupants.

Voiceless witnesses of events and secrets, they somehow retain the presence of those who once lived within their walls.

As I walk the empty streets of north London, I ponder over the lives hidden behind the buildings' facades. It is quiet, the houses appear empty but there are people living behind those closed doors. I draw from the photographs I take during these walks.

Bristol Mews, London W9 21x29.7cm
graphite on paper

Doorway to Freedom, Ellis Island 21x29.7cm
acrylic on paper

Working on the theme of the inner lives of buildings, I was moved by the short film Ellis (2015) where the cinematography created a strong sense of place, absence, presence and loss. 

A series of drawings inspired by screenshots of the film formed the basis of my paintings.

Corridor, Ellis Island Hospital 21x29.7cm
graphite and acrylic on paper

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