Whale bones #1 41x51cm
watercolour on paper

Whale bones #2 36x60cm
mixed-media collage

I began the course determined to invest in an art practice that could propel me ever further away from the injustices of a working world in which I'd lost faith. Through the processes of experimental mark making, paper-folding, monoprinting, collaging, carving, lino-cutting, I've discovered a labour of love I can believe in, even though I rarely know what the next step is going to be.

These practical acts of creativity open a communication channel between heart, head and hand. They help excavate, from the periphery of conscious awareness, ideas and images buried in my subconscious. I've found blind drawing, for example, to be a fun and easy starting point from which I can follow a line of enquiry from spark-of-interest to a more considered exploration of the edges, textures and contours of something deeper, say, via charcoal, collage and ink.

Whale bones #3 59x69cm
charcoal, ink and collage on paper

Flowers 25x34.5cm
drypoint on paper

These gentle acts of probing, finding the next stage by doing, amount to little acts of courage that guide me to trust the process more and more as I unearth further treasures of meaning and interest.

Marc Chagall is attributed as saying "Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing". I agree. While love is unsustainable without trust, it's my trust in the process that increasingly sustains my art practice from its more escapist initial intentions. I have faith therefore, that I'm on a rich path of exploration and fun - one that will always carry me in the right direction, even when the way forward is far from clear.

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