For two years I have been documenting the multiple layers of billboards pasted on the boarded up windows of a disused building in central London. Active interventions at the site involved cutting and ripping into the layers, creating windows and doors into other worlds. Back in the studio the torn billboard papers provided inspiration for image making and creating installations using a variety of media, the layering of still and moving images and experimenting with sound.

Billboard Sculpture with Figure 30x20cm 
billboard paper, architectural figure

Billboard Windows 25x20cm each
billboard paper, masking tape, marker pen

On the 56th day of lockdown I tore down tranches of a billboard advert. My garden became an outdoor studio as I hung and filmed the papers blowing in the wind. This inspired an experimental sensory film, rooted in the sounds and images of the natural world - a fantasy dreamlike escape juxtaposed with urgent birdsong and the sound of ambulance sirens. 

I am fascinated by the layers of paper, juxtaposition of images, text and graffiti, seeing within ready made collages. On a daily basis we are bombarded by advertising and the commodification of the world, repurposing the material and subverting its original intention creates new possibilities.

Dreaming In May video 4’56’’

When lockdown came I felt off balance, suspended in a surreal world with a heightened sensitivity to nature. I found myself adopting a slower meditative gaze becoming more experimental, playing with soft watercolours, mirrors and reflections, exploring transient ephemeral forms a contrast to the more urban edgy qualities of earlier work.

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