CITY LIT 2020 

Please take time to explore the various links and enjoy the work made by students from the second year of our course. Some of this work was completed in the studio while much of it was either developed further, or produced entirely at home under the challenging conditions which we now find ourselves in. Students found themselves in new situations often combining work pressures, family responsibilities and childcare in a restricted environment and with less access to materials and resources. However, we believe that this has in no sense restricted the sense of ambition or impoverished in any way the high quality of the work produced. We will always be grateful to the commitment of so many who stayed with us in this period and we thank the tutor team who stepped up to teach online, without exception, and helped with this website. The last word must go to the students for the diversity of content and breadth of exploration of ideas in this show and for accepting for now, the restrictions of an online gallery space. We hope you enjoy the show and will continue to follow and support these artists.

Chris Hough / Amanda Knight
Course Co-ordinators

Course Team:

Amanda Benson
Kath Castillo
Anne-Marie Foster
Ruth Franklin
Alexandra Harley
Brian Hodgson
Chris Hough
Tony Hull
Monika Kita
Amanda Knight
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