My work explores personal experience, movement and emotion. It often hints at an observed drawing or diagram without being obvious what the image is depicting. This ambiguity creates an intrigue but also leaves the mark making and physical act of the drawing to represent or conjure up the emotions I am attempting to convey. I investigate the way in which we see and perceive movement and drawing. There is an ongoing conversation between me, the work and in some cases the viewer.


Red Tunnel 150x100cm
oil paint on paper

Iris 42x32cm
monoprint and oil pastel on paper

Through working from observation, I am able to structure my thoughts, research and capture moments. However, in the studio I prefer to build on these drawing from memory or from stories. By working from memory, I am able to capture the essence of an event or moment without literally portraying it.           

Because I am primarily working from memory only key information is depicted. The drawing or painting becomes a snapshot view of how my brain saw an event inviting the viewer to have feelings of distress, happiness or unease concerning the work without always knowing what it is.

Waiting 150x100cm
oil paint on paper


Sketchbook video 1’1’’

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