Presence + Absence #12 60x60cm
charcoal, graphite and ink on paper

Presence + Absence #15 60x60cm
charcoal, graphite, acrylic and ink on paper

I explore the memory of a felt experience of a place and the subjectivity of perception. My work develops a shorthand language of marks through a process of iteration and investigation, beginning with visual research gathered by drawing and painting in woodland areas. Through this process I build a personal visual language with which to explore the experience of being physically present and raise questions about the subjectivity of our individual experiences.

This year I have been working on a series of large-scale drawings using charcoal, graphite, ink and acrylic paint on paper. Standing face-to-face with a human sized sheet of paper prompts a very physical engagement where the large gestural movements required to cover the surface tend to give rise to a language of expressive mark-making.

Presence + Absence #14 60x60cm
charcoal, graphite and ink on paper


Presence + Absence #5 150x75cm
charcoal, graphite, ink and acryclic on paper

The drawings are a process of investigation and discovery, as I alternate between building a surface of marks and then reducing the impact of some areas by softening them with white paint washes. Through this process I explore and capture memories of subjective experiences that have been heightened by a moment of awe and wonder within the natural environment. By oscillating between concealing and revealing, the memory of movement and place is explored, building a complex and uncertain surface requiring layers of looking by the viewer.

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