Processing Abstraction

Working onto and into a surface with paints, pencil, charcoal, pastels … Using brush, knife, hands, fingers, elbow grease … Mixing and melding … Texture and tone … Rubbing back, layering, scraping away …  Till the image emerges, develops, grows… Add, subtract, add, subtract… Look closely… from afar… Turn, twist … Gaze… Ponder... Return again and again… No, not this one … Yes, keep trying … Now it’s done … Perhaps. 

Punctuating 28x37cm
acrylic and oil on paper

The abstract direction stems from drawing and using inks to convey natural phenomena. I use paint and its flow to respond to a fleeting image caught in memory from a plane or the natural contours of sea and shore.

I increasingly focus on the process of creating the image itself, moving away from any external stimulus. My aim is to concentrate on the interplay and push/pull between the high-key acrylic brights and the mainly darker layers of oil glaze around and below.

Untitled 84x59cm
acrylic and oil on paper

Summer Days 84x59cm
acrylic and oil on paper

The borders around the images have become increasingly important, revealing the story of each painting’s development as individual layers are glimpsed at the margins.          

Bordeline 84x59cm
acrylic and oil on paper

I hope the viewer will be caught up in the experience of looking, as the often jarring colours blend or fight on the busy surface, and the image strains to expand or is restrained by the texture of the paper.

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