My work explores the relationship between knowledge and experience. Residual memories and feelings about particular periods of my life are a significant impetus and I try to make a direct connection, to overcome the distancing effect of time and understanding.

The pieces I'm showing grew out of the relationship between a series of drawings I made in response to a collection of childhood photographs and a chance encounter with raw sheep wool fleece packaging. It triggered an association, and this led me to make an oversized coat out of this material.

Inside 42x29cm
charcoal and pastel on paper

The Earliest Memory 28x28cm
acrylic and oil on wool fleece

Wearing it gave my body the look of a child's when she dresses up in adult's clothing. Inside, I felt cut off under the thick layer of wool, oddly dissociated from my body and surroundings. It was like a portal into many of my childhood memories.

At this point I realised that the coat had a performative function; not just the wearing of it, because making it exposed me to memories too. I could sew them into the garment, thereby processing and getting rid of them. In fact constructing it had a rather soothing effect.

Coat (detail) 35x24cm
drypoint on paper


 Coat video 3’8’’
As you watch me wearing these oversized
garments, I hope this elicits an experience where the feeling communicated is more certain than the meaning: a safe cocoon to withdraw into or a hindrance making It increasingly impossible to connect with people? I'd like to imagine you projecting yourself into these garments and wonder what memories this might rekindle for you.


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