Within the walls of rooms live the shelters of daydreams 

OTHER ROOMS is an installation of domestic interiors whose geometry is shaped by memories, real and fictional. It is an archive of dreamscapes. As it slowly engulfs my studio, it becomes an immersive space within a space, an edifice made up of intimate, coded stories about place.

Balcony 15x30x8cm
cardboard, wire, string

Other Rooms installation (detail),
cardboard, paper, wood, metal, class, glass

Its precarious and almost ephemeral structures, made of found materials, are created not so much in response to physical interiors as to the memory of the daydreams that inhabit them.

A compilation of tenuous assemblages, each one a portable installation by itself, OTHER ROOMS wants to invoke hidden intimacies that are bound to domestic spaces and the reveries, joys and horrors enacted within their walls.

Spyhole with bed video 43’’

Box Room, (detail) 70x50x54
cardboard, paper, acrylic paint

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