You’ve seen pictures from the top of Mount Everest, but can you imagine how it actually feels to stand there? You’ve read a recipe for Tiramisu, but can you envisage the taste in your mouth? You’ve seen images of the Mona Lisa, but have you actually seen it up close and personal? Without being there, we’re always second guessing.

At the end of a fine art course it’s the convention to host an exhibition where people visit the art. Today, this is not possible.

Appreciating work online is a different experience to the real world.  It challenges you to use your imagination to make sense of things – with few reference points to calibrate against. It’s also unfair on the artists whose original work has been photographed, digitalised, retouched, scaled, backlit when presented on your phone, tablet or laptop. What are you actually looking at?

59 video 13’15’’

Hence my contribution to this exhibition is a video, the most honest medium for the platform. The film focuses on my process and projects around my obsession to make sense of chance.

If you would like to see my physical work (as there’s no substitute for the real thing), I will be travelling around London throughout August with a mobile exhibition, which incorporates chance by utilising audience participation in the curation.

To arrange your private view or for more information please contact or call 07973 909 339.

If I can’t bring the people to my art, then I will bring my art to the people.    /  fine art 2020 city lit london  /