Freedom and Confinement

I like to look at the different shapes created by light escaping, radiating and forming shadows. How light describes texture, colour, tone and form.

Garage Door 30x40cm
monoprint on Fabriano paper

Lobster Pots  50x70cm
oil on canvas

In the day, light moves, constantly distorting and turning the glass of office buildings into mirrors.
In the night, light escapes from the warps and wefts of these concrete structures. Grids become light’s prison.

The essence of my thoughts is captured using frottage, monoprint and collage. I paint and print with grills and textiles, creating abstract images of reflections.

Confined by Covid I have enjoyed the company of family around me and appreciated the confinement and solitude, making art in my garden shed. I really feel that during this time I’ve discovered a new kind of freedom.

Reflections 30x40cm, 25x25cm, 30x40cm, 35x25cm
monoprints on Fabriano paper

 Cheese grater 50x70cm
  acrylic on canvas

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