I sit in the classroom.
I have no ideas.

Really – I have nothing apart from knowing that the eyes of the City are on me.
The eyes I saw high up from the train. The eyes I passed in the crowds and doorways on my walk here.
Watching, waiting for me to tell their story.

So I leave the studio for the streets. I see, I connect, sometimes I represent. I look at the spaces in between.
I ask people what they see when they look at the city. What do things look like through their eyes?
What would they put in a painting of London or their city?

Human Motorway

acrylic paint on paper

Arch size variable
oil on paper

How do people experience the same place or walk the same path differently?
I video the conversations on my mobile and some extracts might appear in my work.

How to Paint London with Charlie video 4’6’’

Sometimes I try to paint what they see or would like to see.
Sometimes I have taken paper outside and asked people to paint something that they see in London.
This could lead to some “poetry” – words as well as pictures.
I am interested in paths and people.
I started my journey in nature and a warm history of family.

I still tread that path, but now most of my life and occupation in social work has been connecting to people and being amongst those often not seen or not heard.
I see the people, the gaps, the steps, the walls.

And now, in this time, as the walls grow and the streets empty, I still see the leaves blow and the birds fly.

Transformation video 5’44’’

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