I am drawn to the natural world and the idea that this world of plants, flowers and landscape is at once a beautiful and terrifying one. It is many things at the same time - ludicrous, grotesque, weird, abundant, violent, serene. I want to capture something of this wild and confrontational world.

Lizard Succulent 105x79cm
oil on unstretched canvas

Pink Palm 65x50cm
oil paint and charcoal on newspaper

Mama Rock 100x82cm
acrylic paint and monoprint collage on cardboard

Most of my references come from north-east Brazil, where I was born. In my work I am trying to piece together my British-Brazilian heritage - the remote worlds from which my families come. Over this year, without the possibility of visiting Brazil, I’ve adapted my practice as a way of replicating the playful, sensory experience of being there, in contrast to the restricted and introverted experience of being here. Making work allows me to explore this feeling of being someone from both here and there, of being from neither here nor there. Most of the time there is a push and pull and I move between intuition and intellect, usually preferring the outcome when I work without thinking. 

I research stories where Britain and Europe intersect with Brazil; reading about identity, nationality and colonial history. Recently I’ve spent time reading about the history of colonisation and the transatlantic slave trade, explorers, plant-hunters, the idea of the exotic, wild ‘other’ and the civilised, cultured westerner. Stories of hybrids and transportation, of cultivation and exploitation. 

Cactus 105x79cm
oil and mixed-media on unstretched canvas

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