My project began as a candid investigation into generational trauma. My work reflects a personal journey of inquiry into my own family history being raised in a biracial family in London by my Filipino mother and Guyanese father. It became apparent that my personal traumas were entangled with the legacy of Colonialism on both sides.

Other side of the coin  45x70cm
oil paint, penny coins, paper, cork board, rusty nails, pencil, book cutting, duck tape


Black British 100x50cm
oil paint, torn canvas, torn fabric, artificial hair, nails, Filipino brush bristles, black queen chess piece

Afro 50x45cm
fabric, Filipino brush bristles, acrylic paint, iron nails, string

My work is fragmentary, working from big things, which are edited down through various stages and processes. These fragments relate to a bigger unseen picture, a remnant of something which has happened. My art is the product of a performance where the unseen act of making is testified by my pieces.

Juju 70x30cm
tennis racket, found objects, artificial hair, netting, acrylic paint

I work across different media, ranging from live performances, painting and sculpture - using the poetry of hammering, beating, pulling, teasing and breaking, to express how my life has been lived and soaked in contrast. Through my works I attempt to understand my black identity as it has been interpreted by society - culminating in a conflict through which emerges the ugly beautiful, that which is both attractive and repulsive, disquieting and squeamish, setting the viewer in an entanglement of something mucky, gritty yet sublime.

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