Seeing and Being Seen: Child’s Play for the Future

Jubilant Figures 196x106cm (each)
cardboard, plaster, acrylic paint, latex, pva

Over the past four or five years, my body has expanded, stretched and grown in new and unexpected ways. I have focused the lion share of my energy on birthing and nurturing two precious human lives. When I am sitting on the bed or sofa my little ones will come behind me and use my bottom as a step up to climb on my shoulders. In their view, my body is a site of play; an occasion of amusement; an opportunity for laughter. What I sometimes find burdensome, they see as an expansive playground where the heaviness of love can be felt.

This series of works is a meditation on bodies through play. It invites the viewer to see the world and human form in the joyous and imaginative way that children do.

In a Parallel Universe, I Know We Still Dance
video 1’53’’

The Possibility of Shadows video 1’25’’

In these works, I make use of shadow as a means of thinking through what other worlds we might create similar to the one we inhabit, yet larger and more expansive.

The figures in this series are made using a range of materials already found in my home. By repurposing cardboard packaging, paper, acrylic, plaster, and latex I ask, “How might we transform what we have into something more beautiful, more robust?”

Imagination video 1’40’’

A parcel is not a parcel when imagination is applied; my children teach me this.

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