People on streets: a multitude of unique, personal stories in a crowded, high-speed city. That has been the source of inspiration for my work this year.

Pastel Silhouettes 4 x A4
pastel on black paper

Daily Walk 80x60cm
oil on canvas

I don’t know why particular scenes catch my attention. Maybe they resonate with something that’s playing out in my head. Maybe it’s the body language. I draw and paint, trying to capture the atmosphere and mood of a moment.

But at the end of March the city empties. Street life now consists of people queuing or taking daily exercise. The mood has changed.

Isolation gives rise to introspection. The quiet is nice. We respect it, instinctively, obediently. But there is a hole somewhere, a vacancy, a loss. I try to record how that feels. It’s a visual diary, as a reminder for when this time feels like a dream.

I make quick sketches as I walk or take mobile phone snapshots. The lack of people makes each encounter with another human being more significant somehow, more intense. 

Queue People 9 x A5 paintings
oil on paper

April Doorstep 80x60cm
oil on canvas

The sketches become oil paintings, on paper and canvas. I print out the sketches, cut them up and use them as stencils. My floor is littered with cut-out paper people and their silhouettes. Painting itself becomes much slower, calmer. It’s an antidote to seclusion and disconnection, a sort of meditation.

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